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Holistic Nutrition

Do you need help navigating your child's eating habits or unique dietary needs?

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Our holistic nutritionist addresses the unique needs of each child and observes the way that they react to different foods and nutrients.  A customized plan for your child and family is created by taking into consideration biochemical identity, stress management, lifestyle, and digestion.


  • Finding hidden food allergies
  • Picky eaters


  • Anxiety and mood swings
  • Nutrition and supplements


  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Meal planning

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Lori Preshing RHN

Throughout her own personal health challenges and those of her children, Lori has become passionate about the study of nutrition and its powerful impact on the body and mind. She has spent 12 years studying, researching and implementing nutrient intervention towards healing, for both her own children with multiple food allergies.

Lori speaks publicly about food intolerance and sensitivities in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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